What are you doing about COVID-19? Are you still open?

Yes, we are open for outdoor dining ONLY. We are also pausing our curbside pick up.
Please note our new safety guidelines:

  • You’ll be asked to sign a health declaration.
  • You can only enter if you have a mask.
  • Since most of our tables are communal, parties are limited to 8 per table.
  • For smaller parties, you may be asked to share a table with another small party. We can provide a plexi-glass divider between the two groups if you’d like.
  • All dining is outdoors. There is no dining inside or loitering indoors. 
  • You will order via our website on your smartphones to minimize the spread of COVID. To speed up your order, we encourage you to purchase a few items at a time.
  • Food will be sent out as it is made.
  • Servers will bring your food and drinks to your table.
  • If you need to use the restroom, you must wear a mask and follow the markers so that you are standing 6 feet from the person in front of you waiting in the queue.
  • Everyone must be seated while eating and drinking.
  • Once you have been seated, you may not switch tables and you may not move tables closer together.
Can I reserve tables?

The majority of our tables are first come, first served but we do offer limited reservations. You can fill out the contact form below to request a table reservation. Please submit your reservation requests 48 hours in advance of the day you’d like to come. We do not accept day-of reservations.
As per State directive, we can only allow 8 people maximum per table. If you have a large party, we recommend reserving a table or two (tables cannot be pushed together).
We also ask that large parties keep their reservation to max 2 hours per table. You can certainly stay longer if your party is continuing to eat and drink, but given our reduced capacity, we want all waiting parties to have a chance to enjoy the space.
Please note we will hold your reservation for 15 minutes but due to our limited capacity, we are unable to hold it past then.

What if I have a reservation but it rains?

As per State directive, patrons aren’t allowed to sit inside until Phase 3. We do however have umbrellas at all our outdoor tables that should do the trick and keep you dry.

If we're celebrating a birthday, can we bring a cake?

Yes, but you need to bring your own plate, napkins, utensils, etc. No other desserts are allowed.

What’s the best way to contact you?

We are best reached via email at via the contact form below, or by Facebook message.

Are you still offering curbside pickup and delivery?

Not at the moment.

Is Parklife only open in the summer?

Nope! We’re open all year round. During the colder months, we have a heated trellis area as well as additional interior space. As per Phase 2 guidelines we are re-opening for outdoor seating only on June 23. When we advance to Phase 3 later this summer, some additional seating will be available in our interior space. Check back soon for updates.

Is Parklife only outdoors?

Nope! We have an indoor area where the food counter and bar is. We also have a trellis area that is covered during the winter months for additional interior space. We only offer outdoor seating presently as per State directive. When we enter Phase 3 later this summer, limited interior seating will be allowed. Check out some 360 degree photos of the interior and outdoor space.

Is outside food allowed?


Are pets/children/smoking allowed?

Pets and smoking (even electronic cigarettes) are not allowed. Children must be supervised at all times. Please note that children must be seated at all times as per State directive. Absolutely no standing or running will be allowed.

Do you have gift cards?

Yep! You can purchase them here. Gift cards are valid for food & beverages.

Can I order catering from Parklife Taqueria?

At this time, we have paused catering. Check back soon!

Hey, feel free to hit us up here via the contact form and we’ll get back to you soon!


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